No More Pink


3rd Person , Rhythm Bullet Hell

Project Type

AIE / Group Project

Software Used

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Sourcetree
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Hack'n'Plan

Primary Roles

Producer & Project Lead

My Contributions

  • Project management
  • UI Implementation and polishing + design of the editor UI
  • Producer

Team Members

Alec Seppelt - UI/UX Design

Alf Simpson - Lead Programmer

Jacqui James - Rigging, Modelling, Animation & Texturing

Jago Le Deunff - Level Design & Playtesting

Josh Winkler - Level Design & Playtesting

Julian Pahor - Vision Holder, Programming & Composer

Mello Huxtable - Modelling, Texturing & Animation

Sara MacLaine - Lead Artist, Modeling, Texturing & Animation

Steven Atkinson - Modeling & Texturing

No More Pink was developed as part of Major Production, working in group of 10 we acted as a mini games studio to create No More Pink. For this project I acted as project lead and producer, I worked to ensure all our documentation was up to date and we were running on schedule, and if we weren't, what could be done to rememdy that. I also worked to in engine to assemble our artist's assets in scene and to finalise and polish our UI.

No More Pink is a 3D bullet-hell, rhythm game in which you play as Avril a young girl, sick of being given pink birthday presents who fights her presents, dodging and parrying attacks in order to defeat the colour pink.