Skeletons in the Cellar


First-person horror survival

Project Type

AIE / Individual Project

Software Used

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Word
  • Trello

Primary Roles

Design & Programming

Skeletons in the Cellar is a project that was created for a Certificate III in Design Fundamentals. It was the first project I created from scratch and while I've learnt a lot about game development since then, I still very much enjoy the concept.

Inspired by rumors and myths surrounding the Parisian catacombs, the player is an underpaid hotel waiter tasked by their manager to go retrieve a bottle of wine from their underground cellar. Strangely, the hotel's wine cellar can only be accessed by traversing through a section of the catacombs in which the ghost of a bone-obsessed bichon frisé resides. The player must find their way to the wine cellar and return with a bottle of wine, avoiding the ghost by strategically throwing bones to distract it.

(bone models sourced for free from the Unity Asset Store)